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Starfish Doula provides sensitive and non-judgemental support throughout your pregnancy, birth and first few months of parenthood

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Popular Services

Starfish Doula offers a wide range of services but these are the most popular for families in West Yorkshire!

Services can often be combined to provide a bespoke package that suits your needs completely.

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Doula support throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and early postnatal

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Everything you need for a home water birth delivered to your door

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Celebrate your pregnancy, feel loved, eat food with your friends and family

Client Testimonials

"It was great to have someone I could talk with over a cup of tea, and ask all the questions I may have felt worried about asking elsewhere and to be able to be completely honest about my thoughts and fears without facing any judgement."

"Having a doula service made us feel like VIPs and individuals, rather than one of very many being looked after by very busy health services. We felt we could ask her anything - and if she didn't know, she'd help us find out."

"When the labour started Caz came to our house. She was with me all night - quiet as I wanted - just being there, holding my hand when I needed, stroking my hair when I wanted to cry and saying the right words when I needed to hear them."

The benefits of a birth doula

A doula in the birth room is associated with a shorter labour, a more satisfying birth experience, less pain relief, less need for assistance or caesarean, and more successful nursing. Partners also participate with more confidence.

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About Starfish Doula

I discovered doulas after my second birth. I found myself, quite by accident, surrounded by fellow VBAC mothers who were passionate about supporting others in their birth choices. Birth quickly became my second great love, psychology being my first.

I began doulaing in 2012. Since then I have supported over 30 births. I love meeting new people and walking with them as they become parents, sometimes for the first time, sometimes for the second, third, or even sixth time.

I am currently expanding my postnatal support services. I now offer postnatal doulaing in the home for the first few weeks/months of parenthood, and there are several other postnatal services in the pipeline. I am very excited to be able to provide this in addition to the birth support I have been providing thus far.

Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, I'm well placed to cover the whole of the county, and I also travel into Lancashire, South Yorkshire and East Yorkshire.

Geographical Area

Starfish HQ

I am based in south Bradford and cover West Yorkshire and into surrounding counties

Time to Arrive...

If you live more than an hour away we can discuss travel practicalities

Flexible Packages

As much or as little support as you want with a range of packages to suit every birth choice and support need.