Maybe you're feeling anxious about your upcoming birth, or you're simply looking to hire a pool/TENS for your home birth...

Perhaps you want to create a bespoke keepsake of your body, or you want someone to come with you to your smear test...

There are so many reasons why you might be here,
but whatever it is that's brought you here...

You are not alone! Starfish Doula supports families and individuals in all kinds of scenarios. You deserve support and you can find it here.

Two sets of footprints walking side by side in sand.

Doula support is...


A sensitive and caring approach
regardless of your circumstances

Client Led

Support is non-judgemental and guided by your specific needs


Your feelings and concerns will not be shared without your permission

What are you looking for?

Pregnancy & Birth Services

If you'd like to book doula support for pregnancy and birth, hire an inflatable birth pool for your home water birth, or celebrate your pregnancy with a Birth Blessing, these services are for you.

Image of Caz with her arms round a labouring woman in a birth pool.

Pregnancy support only, or full support during pregnancy, labour and birth.

An image of a woman in a birth pool in a living room. She is smiling at the camera, and making the peace sign with one hand. In her other hand she is holding a gas and air nozzle.

Hire a birth pool (and TENS) with everything you need for a home water birth. Just add water!

A flower crown on a window ledge that was made during a Birth Blessing.

Celebrate your pregnancy in a more nurturing way than a baby shower.

Other Services

If you're looking for advocacy and support during medical appointments, or creation of a plaster keepsake of your body, these are for you!

Image of a painted belly cast hanging on a wall.

Commemorate your body with a plaster cast painted with a beautiful design.

Who is Starfish Doula?

Caz has been a peer supporter
since 2007, a doula since 2012 and a doula mentor since 2021.

She loves people and believes everyone deserves to feel supported during difficult times in their lives.

Caz smelling the top of a baby's head
Caz laughing