Which pool size is right for me?

Image of Caz standing between 2 pools on their ends.

I am often get asked which of the two BPIAB pool sizes I recommend for people to hire. There is no right or wrong answer here, only what is right for you, your home and your circumstances.

Both pool sizes have a seat inside the pool (which also doubles as an internal step), as well as a cup holder, and several handles to hang on to during labour. They are almost identical in height, and the height is adjustable.

Below you can find a table comparing the two sizes, ending in a quick breakdown of why you might choose one size over the other, and after that are some images so you can see the differences.


Mini Pool

Regular Pool

External measurements

165cm x 145cm

65" x 57"

193cm x 165cm

76" x 65"

Internal measurements

114cm x 94cm

45" x  37"

142cm x 114cm

56" x 45"

Water depth

Min 18" / max 22"

Min 18" / max 23"

Water volume (80% full)



Time to inflate

approx 7 minutes

approx 10 minutes

Time to fill up*

3 baths ish

4.5-5 baths ish

Space for partner/kids



Height of user

Max 6' tall

No maximum

Best if.....

You have limited space at home

You have a shorter stature

You have low water pressure

You have a water tank, not a combi boiler

You labour quickly

You want to feel cosy and cocooned

You have lots of room at home

You have a high BMI/have a taller stature

You want your partner/kids in the pool too

You want lots of space around you

*based on an average bath volume of 150L, and depending on water pressure

Caz (5'5" & size 16) in a mini pool

  • mini 1
  • mini 2
  • mini 3
  • mini 4

    Caz (5'5" & size 16) in a regular pool

    • reg 1
    • reg 2
    • reg 3
    • reg 4

      Comments from previous clients who have had different sized pools...

      I hired a mini pool which was plenty big enough for me - it filled the centre of the living room with space to walk around.

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      mini pool

      I picked the larger one because of my height and the intention to have my husband in the pool to catch the baby, and give my daughter the opportunity to get in the pool if she wanted to. It had tonnes of space; didn't feel restricted at all.

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      regular pool

      I picked the larger size as I wanted to allow myself as much room to manoeuvre as possible. I also wanted the option to have my partner in the pool with me. I was happy with the size of the pool and did end up moving around in it quite a bit during labour!

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      regular pool