Mother Blessings

A Mother Blessing is a celebration held during late pregnancy,
as an alternative to a Baby Shower.

A traditional Baby Shower usually involves a few games, perhaps a quiz, some food, and the giving of baby-related gifts. In contrast, a Mother Blessing is centred around making the mother feel loved and nurtured by those closest to her.

At a Mother Blessing, the mother's closest female relatives and friends gather, share their love and support, and work to create a circle of sanctuary around her as she prepares to give birth.

As a Mother Blessing Celebrant, I will lead you and your guests through your Mother Blessing, creating a safe and nurturing space for everyone present, and giving you a wonderful memory.

What can you do at a Mother Blessing?

Whatever you like! Some of the things you could do include:

  • Henna decoration of your bump/hands/feet, or your guests' hands. You can hire henna artists to attend or buy in some henna and have people do the decorations themselves.
  • Flower crown using real or faux flowers
  • Bump painting
  • Have a bellycast made - I am happy to combine your Mother Blessing and bellycast
  • Poetry
  • Making birth affirmations on paper, card or wood slices
  • Making bath bombs, bath salts or aromatherapy mixes
  • Cook food yourself or have everyone bring a plate to share
  • Gathering around a fire, weather permitting

What does it feel like to attend a Mother Blessing?

I could tell you, or I can let some of the guests from Mother Blessings I have hosted tell you themselves!

"I feel so blessed to have you amazing women in my life.  Today has meant so much to me."

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"It was a wonderful afternoon. Am in awe of the collective talents of the group. I feel very nurtured."

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"So lovely to be part of, thanks for a wonderful afternoon."

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What's included when you hire me?

  • A 2 hour planning appointment, during which we will discuss your preferences for your Blessing
  • Paper invite and social media event creation
  • Lists of things to bring/arrange for mother and guests
  • Soft decorations that I will bring with me on the day
  • Being the Celebrant for the Mother Blessing itself, which usually lasts around 4 hours
  • A flower crown made with fresh or faux flowers which you can keep as a memento of the celebration
  • Bellycasting at a reduced price (please note, you will likely need a quick shower afterwards!)
  • The option to also book an extended Closing the Bones ceremony after your birth which includes the guests from your Mother Blessing wrapping you with fabric after the massage. This is a wonderful way of bringing together and reaffirming the circle of support that is established as part of your Mother Blessing, at the same time as you close the circle of your pregnancy.

Introductory Price: £125