Equality and Diversity

I will always do my utmost to work with women, birthing people and their partners and families in a way that is open, honest, kind, fair, and centred around and respectful of their specific individual needs. I endeavor to identify the diverse needs of everyone I work with and ensure that I make it clear how I will meet those needs. When working with my clients I am dedicated to creating an environment within which they can feel valuable and supported, and that accounts for their history, specific skills and comfort level.

I oppose all forms of unfair and unlawful discrimination, including racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and ageism. I will stand against any instances of bullying, intimidation or harassment that my clients face during their journeys.

Black Lives Matter. Trans rights are human rights. Feminism is intersectional or it's bullshit. If you believe differently then I am not the doula for you.

My Statement

I will treat all clients with the same respect and dignity, regardless of the following:

  • age
  • gender identification
  • sexual orientation
  • relationship status: single/married/in a civil partnership/in a polyamorous relationship
  • mental or physical disability or ill-health
  • neurodiversity
  • religion/beliefs or lack thereof
  • race, including colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin
  • deciding to continue with/terminate a pregnancy
  • birth choices, including the decision to freebirth or give birth via elective caesarean
  • infant feeding choices, including the decisions to use donor milk or formula milk

Caz, Starfish Doula

I complete equality and diversity training on an annual basis. This policy will be updated annually at minimum, or in response to any feedback/legal requirements.