Placenta Services Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy does not supersede the Privacy Policy that I use for my Birth Doula Services. It provides additional information about the placenta services that I have provided in the past.

It does not apply to the practices of any third parties that I do not own or control, such as Facebook, email providers, mobile phone service providers, or any other methods I may have used to keep in contact with you. You can find out more about any third party privacy policies by consulting their websites.

I no longer provide placenta services, as of 2017.

Information I Have Collected

Prior to booking any services I asked for your estimated due date (EDD) and postcode.

At the time of booking any services, you provided me with certain personal information which was necessary for me to carry out the agreed services. These included: your name, your date of birth, your contact details, your EDD, and any relevant medical information such as blood borne pathogen (BBP) status.

The information collected at the time of booking did not include any financial information, as payments were made via bank transfer directly to me, cash or PayPal.

In order to provide the agreed upon services, I produced a file for each client which included the booking form, terms and conditions of service. For later clients it also included a placenta observation form (containing: information about your placenta, including weight, size, cord length, other variations of the placenta and birth information such as birth type, gestation and location) and a procedural checklist. In most cases I also took reference pictures. These other documents do not contain any personal information, apart from your name and the date of the birth.

I recorded my business mileage, which detailed the reason for any business journeys (including your name) along with the distance travelled.

I keep the following data about all the placentas that I have processed in a spreadsheet: your name, EDD, planned place and type of birth, services provided, twins, actual place and type of birth, birth date, collection and delivery/postage dates, and any fees and travel costs paid by you.

Storing This Information

Information about you is stored in the following ways:

  • Paper documentation is stored under lock and key.
  • Digital documentation (ie, spreadsheet data) is kept on an encrypted flash drive.
  • Placenta photographs are sorted by number, and are not identifiable in any way. They are stored on my home network storage device.

Information about you is stored for the following length of time:

  • Photographs will be kept indefinitely for future reference/educational purposes; unless you request that I delete them.
  • Mileage information and client files, which include your personal information provided at the time of booking, are kept for 6 years for auditing and financial purposes – this is a legal requirement.
  • Spreadsheet data are kept for 6 years, and then all information except for names are deleted. Names are kept only for the purposes of identifying placenta pictures, unless you request that I delete them.
  • No emails or facebook messages are kept at all.

How I Use Your Information

I use(d) the information I have on you:

  • In the past to provide you with placenta encapsulation services, as agreed upon in the booking form you completed.
  • To comply with any legal obligations, such as retaining information for tax purposes.

Sharing Your Information

Your name and address were shared with trusted third parties for the sole purpose of delivering your kit and/or remedies, if you chose to have them delivered in the post rather than in person.

I have no reason to share any of the personal information you have given to me, including medical data, with any other parties, at any time, for any purpose.

I may share pictures of your placenta for informational/educational purposes, but it will never be identified as belonging to you. Placenta photographs are stored by number, not by name. Names are stored in a separate document (spreadsheet).

Your Rights

  • You have the right to see all the information I keep about you at any time.
  • You have the right to request that I destroy any information I do have about you at any time.
  • You have the right to request that I do not share your placenta pictures with anybody.