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Jodie & Jason's Stories

Caz is an incredibly skilled doula, who gave us support through our pregnancy journey. I say “us” because she supported both myself as baby’s mother, but also baby’s father, completely equally, and helped us come to informed decisions around our birth choices.


Melissa's Story

My partner initially felt anxious about birth so we decided it would be helpful to hire a doula to help prepare us both and support us during pregnancy and labour. We really liked Caz from the first time we met and felt she gelled well with our personalities.

Helen's Story

Caz was such a huge support to our family. We valued the time she spent talking with us and listening openly to our family wishes and hopes for the birth, as well as helping us work through our intentions for supporting our daughter to make sense of what was going to happen in a positive...

Jessica's Story

Caz supported us through our second pregnancy and birth after a very complicated and traumatic first birth. So happy with the service everything went perfectly and Caz made sure all my wishes were followed, I really doubted myself...


A Thankful Mama's Story

My beautiful baby was born in his home. It was during the night and his dad and his sister were in the next room. My doula was with me and supported me unwaveringly while I birthed him.

Helen's Story

My Husband and I announced to our family and friends that we were having a baby; after gleeful congratulations, we were suddenly subjected to a barrage of advice and horror stories. 'Well, we didn't do things like that when I had my babies...'  'You can't eat that...'  'You need to do this...'


Lenka's Story

Caz was recommended to me by a doula who could not attend my birth and I can say that I could not wish for anybody better. The first moment I saw her through the door I knew it was HER who I would like to have to share my journey through the pregnancy and the birth itself. Having had a Caesarean section before, it was recommended to me by doctors to have....


Lisa's Story

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with a surprise #4 I knew I needed Caz on board for this journey. Long story short, my husband is terrified of labour/birth (despite me doing it 3 times previously) and in my first 2 I felt I was supporting him rather than the other way around.


Lydia's Story

I engaged Caz as a doula for my homebirth in August 2016. We had lovely meetings in advance, it was great to have someone I could talk with over a cup of tea and ask all the questions I may have felt worries about asking elsewhere, and to be able to be completely honest about my thoughts and fears without facing any judgement. Caz is very good at..

Shell's Stories

Caz helped me and my husband through the worst thing any parent can go through when our firstborn and much longed for son was stillborn in May 2014. She was a rock when we were falling apart.


Amy's Story

I would not have had the birth I wanted if it was not for Caz. Not only did she relieve my anxiety about my pregnancy and birth, she was there for my husband too. I contacted her once we started to try for a baby. I knew that I needed support this time as my first pregnancy and birth were very traumatic. Both my husband and I were left very anxious about...

Lou's Story

Despite deciding to have no more children following the relaxed natural homebirth of my 3rd son, number 4 decided to exist regardless of our wishes ;) Having Caz as our doula with number 3 made the whole experience much calmer and I felt more confident than I had during my previous births so I decided to hire her again for support with my 4th.


Davina & Chris's Stories

Thank you Caz for being at my amazing birth and for being inspirational at the times I needed it most. Caz supported and encouraged and helped me to focus in a way a loved one, partner, family member might struggle. Having her there telling me I was doing great helped more than anything else...

Sam's Story

As my doula, Caz was amazing. She was so supportive and sensitive with our circumstances. She gained knowledge from both mine and my partners perspectives on birth after our traumatic experience with our first birth and supported us in making the birth choices we wanted. I especially had high anxiety about the labour and birth. She helped us become informed...


Agie's Story

The truly and unconditionally positive birth experience that I had was with no doubt down to having my caring partner and my wonderful doula! Caz has helped me to make it all as unforgettable as it could possibly be with her huge experience, knowledge and ability to empathise with people. Starting from her antenatal support on writing my birth plans...


Lou's Story

During the pregnancy with my third child, Caz was a wonderful support. I had a difficult time with various doctors trying to bully me into hospital for the birth which I desperately didn't want having had shoulder dystocia with my first and being 100% certain that was a direct result of the interventions and fear-mongering in the hospital setting. Caz fully supported me in my decision and...

Natalie & Jason's Stories

I met my doula Caz after a traumatic csection. She was there whilst I was processing that birth, she helped me make contacts with maternity services before I was pregnant, she held my hand through pregnancy and was there to listen to my wobbles and supported me in my birth choices. We ended up having...