Privacy and Confidentiality

Your privacy is very important to me as a doula, and as a small business I am compliant with the GDPR. I will not share details about you without your express permission in advance for a specific reason that we have discussed, except in specific safeguarding situations.

You are entitled to see any data I hold about you at any time, and have an explanation for why I am holding it. You can find further information about the data I hold below.

Talking to Other Professionals

Health Care Professionals: Excepting in specific safeguarding situations, I will not disclose any part of your story, your previous experiences, or your reasons for making the decisions you have made, or ask any questions about your care/options to any health care professionals without your express consent. When working with doula clients this is something we will discuss during the course of our work together as there are times (for example, during labour) where I may explain your experiences or reasoning on your behalf because you are unable/unwilling to for some reason, or ask a professional a question on your behalf. I do not provide feedback to Trusts as this is better coming from families themselves.

Journalists/Media: I do not converse with journalists or the media for any reason. Any such requests will be ignored.

My Services

Below you can read my specific birth doula, pool hire and placenta services policies. I hold different data depending on the service you have used. These specific policies are in addition to my general statements about privacy and outline how and why I collect and hold information about my clients, including any third parties that I use, what information they hold and why.

Birth Doula Services Privacy Policy

For previous and current birth doula clients, from 2012 to now, this outlines how your data is handled and stored.

Pool Hire Services Privacy Policy

For previous, current and future pool hire clients, this outlines how your data is handled and stored.

Placenta Services Privacy Policy

For clients who accessed placenta services between 2013 and 2017, this outlines how your data
is handled and stored.

Third Parties Used

Emails: I use Brevo as my email/marketing platform. This means that your email address and select other data are held by them in order to provide you with emails from me related to my services, in accordance with their terms of use and any specific uses outlined in my policies. I use this information to track select data such as payments made for services, or links clicked in the emails. Your details and this data will not be used or shared for any other reason, and I am the only person who has access to my account.

Forms: I use Jotform to collect booking, delivery and collection data for my services. This means relevant data is held in a Jotform database in order that I can provide you with the services agreed upon, and to ensure that I am providing the best possible services.