Cast your pregnant belly!

A wonderful way to celebrate your body changes! The body goes through immense changes during pregnancy, and the uterus grows to around 500x its usual size (or more if you're carrying multiples)! These changes are profound and beautiful, and one way you can honour them - and remember them forever - is by having a cast made.

How much is it, and how is it made?

The cast is made in stages. The prices are cumulative, so each one builds on top of the lower package, and the prices reflect the amount of work I put into each stage of creation. More work = more expensive.


  • A cast that is finished but has no painting (perhaps because you want to paint it yourself or add some other finish) would be £55 = £25 for the cast appt and £30 for the smoothing and finishing.
  • A cast with a simple paint design will start at £79 = £25 for the cast appt, £30 for the smoothing and finishing, plus £24+ for 2 hours of painting.
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    Casting appointment

    A 1 hour appointment to make your cast, leaving you with the unfinished cast that you can keep or I can take away to be further worked on.


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      Finishing the cast

      Shaping the edges, reinforcing for strength, making hanging holes and smoothing the surface with several layers of finishing plaster.


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        Two base coats, your preferred design, at least two coats of spray varnish, and a hanging ribbon for wall display.

        £12 per hour (2 hours minimum)

        Bellycasts are currently available in Bradford and West Leeds, unless you have booked a Mother Blessing.

        *If you are having a Mother Blessing ceremony, you can choose to have the cast appointment as part of your ceremony for £10 instead of £25

        What's next?

        Once you've decided that you want to book, you can buy a bellycast package in my shop. I will then contact you to arrange the date for me to come and do your cast, and to discuss whether you want to have your cast painted. If you do, we will talk about what kind of design you would like, and I can give you a rough estimate of the price, based on the time it will likely take me to do the work.

        Your casting appointment will usually be around 35-38 week gestation and will last around 1 hour. That gives us plenty of time to finalise your vision, do the cast, and then clean up afterwards. Please note that you will likely need a shower straight afterwards as the plaster is messy!

        Then, if I am finishing/painting your cast, I will take it home with me and keep you updated with pictures of my progress, usually via a messaging app like WhatsApp or Signal. When it is finished we will arrange a convenient time and date for me to bring it back to you - this will usually (but not always) be after the birth. I will bring an invoice with me when I deliver the cast. The payment for the painting work will be due via card payment at delivery.

        Ready to book your bellycast appointment?

        Not sure yet, want more information or something else?