Cast your belly, boobs, or both!

A wonderful way to celebrate your body!

Are you expecting a baby and want to commemorate your pregnancy?

Do you have breast cancer and want a unique keepsake before you have surgery?

Maybe you just want a personal and beautiful piece of body art?

Whatever your reasons, our bodies go through immense changes during our lives, doing their best to carry us (and sometimes our babies) through countless experiences, and sometimes picking up scars along the way. These changes are profound and beautiful, and one way you can honour them - and remember them forever - is by having a cast made.

How is a cast made and what are my options?

The cast is made in stages, meaning you can choose the perfect level of finish depending on how simple or complicated you want the deisgn to be.

You can also choose the perfect shape, from just your belly or chest, to both belly and chest, to adding a shoulder for a unique shape. If you are pregnant you can also choose just your belly in a bowl shape to use for a cute newborn photoshoot prop (please note this carries an additional charge). The options are only limited by your imagination!

The first step is always an hour long appointment in which we make your cast, and then I will take it away to work on it further. You will be kept updated as I make progress with the finishing and painting. The cast will be returned to you when it is ready, usually within a couple of months.

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    Painted Cast

    Choose anything from a single plain colour to an intricate or personalised design. All painted designs are finished with 2 coats of sealant for maximum protection. Choose from a hanging ribbon, freestanding, or both. Paint work will add to the completion time; how long depends on complexity.


    The more work is required to make your perfect cast, the more it will cost.

    All prices include the initial casting appointment in your home. Painting is charged on top and is due at the delivery appointment.

    Travel charges are based on your Zone, which I will tell you when you enquire.

    Standard Cast

    Cast painted with a single colour, finished to hang or freestand.

    from £175* PLUS TRAVEL
    • Choose hanging ribbon or freestanding
    • Keep it simple: choose a basic paint colour for your cast (no metallics)
    • *For a bowl cast, add £80

    Deluxe Cast

    Cast painted in your choice of design, finished to hang or freestand, or both.


    from £200* PLUS TRAVEL
    • Choose hanging ribbon, freestanding, or both
    • Choose your background paint colour
    • *Painting charged at £15/hr
    • *For a bowl cast, add £80
    • Optional extra: metallic paint, or an additional shimmer paint layer over the base coat

    If you are having a Birth Blessing ceremony, you can choose to have your cast appointment as part of your ceremony!

    What's next?

    Once you've decided that you want to book, you should email me. We will talk a bit about your vision for your cast. It is helpful if you can send me any inspiration images or sketches of how you would like your cast to look. I can give you a rough estimate of the price, based on the time it will likely take me to do the work.

    We will arrange a date for me to come and do your cast. This appointment will be confirmed once you book and pay for your cast via my online shop.

    On the day of your appointment you should wear old clothes and clear a space in advance for you to stand or sit. I will bring protective sheets but I expect to have space to work. The casting will last approximately an hour. That gives us plenty of time to finalise your vision, do the cast, and then clean up afterwards. Please note that you will likely need a shower straight afterwards as the plaster is messy!

    Note: If you are pregnant, your casting appointment will usually be around 36-38 weeks gestation.

    I will take the cast home with me and keep you updated with pictures of my progress, usually via a messaging app like WhatsApp or Signal. When it is finished we will arrange a convenient time and date for me to bring it back to you.

    If you have chosen a Duluxe Cast, I will bring a painting invoice with me when I deliver the cast. The payment for the painting work will be due via card payment at delivery, and you will receive an emailed receipt. Please note that if you do not pay, I will not be able to release your cast.

    Ready to book your bellycast appointment?

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