Bellycasting Services

What is a Bellycast?

Very basically: it's a model of your bump that is made using plaster sheets. They're soaked in water and shaped over your belly, and then once dried it is removed, leaving a perfect replica of your pregnant bump.

However, a bellycast is more than just a replica of your bump. Having a bellycast made is a wonderful way of celebrating your pregnant body. A woman's body goes through immense changes during pregnancy, and the uterus grows to around 500x its usual size (or more if you're carrying multiples)! These changes are profound and beautiful, and one way you can honour them - and remember them forever - is by having a cast made.

You could even have several made to chronicle your body changes as your pregnancy progresses, if you wanted to.

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How is it done?

The cast is made in stages. I can do as much or as little as you would like and my packages and price options reflect the amount of work I put into each one.

Step 1

I come to your house at around 37-38 weeks with the plaster sheets to make the cast. This appointment takes around 1-2 hours, depending on how much of your body you want me to cast. Generally, you need to be standing as this gives the most realistic representation of the 'hang' of your bump. 

I can leave the rough cast with you for you to finish and decorate yourself, or...

A woman having her bellycast made.
Caz holding a bellycast that has been smoothed and finished.

Step 2

I take the cast home with me to reinforce it with extra layers of plaster, finish the rough edges and give it a smoother surface. This takes a few days, depending on how much smoothing the surface needs, and to allow it to fully dry. At this stage I also add holes if you want to hang it up for display. 

I can then return it to you plain, or...

Step 3

I paint it. This can take anywhere between a few hours and a week, depending on the complexity of the design you want. I charge more for more complicated designs, so if you are wanting to keep costs down, it is better to go for something simple and sleek. The last thing I do is add hanging ribbon if you've chosen to hang it on the wall. 

I then bring it back to you after your birth, so that...

A close up of a fox silhouette painted on a bellycast.
A completed bellycast hanging on a wall.

Step 4

You can either...

Hang it on your wall for a stunning keepsake of your pregnancy


Use it as a cute prop for a newborn photo shoot!

Bellycasting Packages

Unpainted Cast

  • Just the plaster cast, no painting
  • Cast can be smoothed/have its edges finished, or left rough

Painted Cast

  • The cast is made, edged, and then painted
  • Choose a design that matches your budget