Birth Pool & TENS hire

Having a homebirth in Bradford, Leeds, Calderdale or Wharfedale?

You can hire an inflatable birth pool to use in your home!
All the equipment and supplies are included! Simply add water, your own towels, and a pregnant person!

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What do you get when you hire a pool from me? ~ How much does it cost and do you cover my area?
Comments and images from previous customersHow do you book a pool hire? ~ FAQs

Want to know more about using water and TENS during your labour?

What do you get when you hire a pool from Caz?

  • A professional grade Birth Pool in a Box pool: either regular or mini size (please check your room size!)
  • 6 weeks hire as standard, from 37-43 weeks, with the option to extend if you have an unexpectedly long pregnancy
  • Delivery to your home, with an appointment to ensure you are comfortable with the equipment and can ask any questions you have
  • All the disposable supplies needed for the pool: fitted liner, a 10m hose* to fill the pool, thermometer, sieve, mirror, anchor, dust sheet
  • Electric pump to inflate and deflate the pool
  • Patch kit, in case of emergencies
  • Tap connectors to fit standard taps (you will need your own if you have unusually shaped or sized taps)
  • Dirty water pump and 10m hose** to empty the pool
  • Full written instructions on how to inflate, fill, empty and deflate the pool
  • You can call me during office hours to ask any questions
  • A cord tie as a free gift!
  • At least 2 trees planted by JUST ONE Tree, in order to help combat climate change

Not sure which pool size you need?

How much does it cost and does Caz cover your area?

Basic pool hire starts at £120, plus a travel charge which is based on your postcode

I typically deliver and collect all the pools in person, meaning the further away you live from BD4, the more I charge for travel. You are paying for a top quality, personalised, doorstep service. The service also includes me spending time explaining equipment and answering questions as well as being available during office hours for queries on the day of your birth. I also offer various upgrades, so that you can completely customise your hire!

Please consult the may below for a guide on how the price changes according to your postcode. Please note it is not set in stone, and you should contact me for a bespoke quote if you would like to know for sure what zone you fall into.

Zone 1 (light pink): £120 + £10 travel

Guideline areas: BD1, BD2, BD3, BD4, BD5, BD6, BD7, BD8, BD9, BD10, BD11, BD12, BD14, BD18, BD19, LS28

Zone 2 (purple): £120 + £20 travel

Guideline areas: BD13, BD15, BD16, BD17, HX1, HX3, HD6, WF15, WF16, WF17, LS1, LS2, LS3, LS4, LS5, LS11, LS12, LS13, LS18, LS19, LS20, LS27

Zone 3 (hot pink): £120 + £30 travel

Guideline areas: BD20, BD21, BD22, HX2, HX4, HX5, HX6, HX7, HD1, HD2, HD3, HD5, WF1, WF2, WF3, WF5, WF6, WF12, WF13, WF14, LS6, LS7, LS8, LS9, LS10, LS14, LS15, LS16, LS17,LS21, LS26, LS29

Zone 4 (grey): £120 + bespoke travel

Please contact me for a quote.

Map of postcode boundaries of West Yorkshire. The central Bradford ones are coloured light pink, then then is a circle of lavender coloured ones, followed by a ring of bright pink ones. The colours match the list of postcodes for each Zone.

Optional Pool Hire Upgrades

Upgrades can be chosen when completing the booking form.

Optional upgrade

*Extra long filling hose

For bigger distances, upgrade your 10m filling hose to 15m.


Optional upgrade

**Extra long emptying hose

For bigger distances, upgrade your 10m emptying hose to 20m.


A woman sitting in a birth pool holding a newborn baby. The water is illuminated blue from the submersible light in the water.

Optional upgrade

Pool lights

Warm white or coloured pool lights for that lovely birth ambiance.


A TENS machine and cloth bag on a table.

Optional upgrade

TENS machine hire

A TENS machine to use in early labour. New pads & instructions included.


Starfish logo

Optional upgrade

***Pool Cover

Cover the pool if you are not ready to get in it yet.


Some comments and pictures from previous clients...

Having the water birth helped with the pain of my osteoarthritis.

Starfish logo



Efficient and good value service. Really friendly.

Starfish logo



Everything that's needed is all included. Such a fantastic experience.

Starfish logo



Personally, the pool made my homebirth. I was starting to really struggle and as soon as I entered the pool I felt weightless and able to properly relax between contractions.

Starfish logo



She explained everything and included lots of extras to help with the birth. Also collected quickly, great service!

Starfish logo



I suffered with spd and was told that a birthing pool would help labour majorly. Starfish Doula fit us in with just days notice.

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DID YOU KNOW? You can see my pools on Yorkshire Midwives On Call, which follows the Bradford Homebirth Team as they attend births in Bradford. Rebecca & Tim (ep 1), Hannah & Ste (ep 2), Natalie & Ollie (ep 5)

How do you book a pool hire?

You can check out my pool availability via the button below, but if there is less than 3 months to your due date you will need to contact me directly to check for certain whether I have a pool available for you to hire around your EDD. Sometimes pools come back earlier than expected and this can sometimes mean an extra slot opening up at the last minute. If you would like to be put on a waiting list and/or you have some flexibility in terms of the delivery date, please let me know.

Check pool availability here ->

Availability last updated on Friday 24th May 2024

You will need to complete the booking form and read the T&Cs. To confirm your booking you will need to send a deposit payment of £20 which is made by checking out the booking fee item in my shop - you will be directed there after you have completed the form.

The remaining balance is due before or when I deliver the pool at approximately 37 weeks gestation, or via monthly direct debit over 3-5 months (if you have booked early enough).

In the delivery appointment I will take you through the box contents, give you instructions on storing the pool, doing a trial run and using the pool on the day, and answer any questions you may have.

At a convenient time after your birth you can ring or message me to let me know that the pool can be collected. I aim to collect the pool within a day or so after you have given birth so that you can have your house back and get on with enjoying your babymoon.

If your due date is MORE than 3 months away...

You can usually book straight away without contacting me first. Click the link below to start your booking. Book sooner rather than later as slots book up fast!

If your due date is LESS than 3 months away...

You need to contact me to check whether I have a pool available. Pools book up fast and I cannot hold slots. If you've already been in touch then go ahead and book!

A birth pool set up in the centre of a living room. Through the open doorway behind you can see part of the kitchen, and there are some fairy lights hanging on a kallax unit.

A note on refunds:

I understand that birth is unpredictable and you may end up not giving birth in the pool for some reason, either because your birth plans change or because your birth is very fast.

If any of the disposable supplies are returned unopened then you will be entitled to a partial refund.

Unfortunately, I cannot refund for any opened but unused supplies, as all clients must be supplied with brand new and unopened items at the beginning of their hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Birth is unpredictable, and sometimes pools come back in earlier than expected and this may mean an extra slot opens up. However, there is no guarantee that being put on the waiting list will mean you will definitely get a pool.

If you are on the waiting list then the booking does not proceed until I can guarantee you a pool. That way you are not risking losing any money.

To be put on the waiting list please request so when contacting me, and make sure to give me your phone number so I can get in touch with you quickly.

Absolutely, if you book before 27 weeks gestation.

If you would like to organise a payment plan over several months just let me know when you book. I use GoCardless to take Direct Debit payments over 3-5 months on the date of your choosing.

I also accept payments from friends and family on your behalf. A birth pool is a great gift!

You can, if you want to. I supply food safe hosepipe because garden hosepipe is treated with chemicals to help prevent mildew and algae growth, and those are ideally avoided in birth pool water. Even if you use your own hose I will still supply a brand new hosepipe as part of the hire. It is always your choice what supplies to use though.

Both the filling hosepipe and the emptying hosepipe are 10 meters long as standard. I recommend you measure the distance from your planned pool location to your tap.

If you require a longer filling or emptying hose you can request one during the booking process. Both carry a £5 surcharge. Longer emptying hoses come with a more powerful emptying pump.

If you have unusually shaped taps - for example, one with a flow adjuster or one that extends - then you will need to source your own tap connector. I only carry tap connectors for "bog standard" taps, and ones that screw into shower hoses.

You will need to use your own towels. You do not have to buy brand new towels for a homebirth... unless you want to, of course! You can wash blood out of fabric by soaking in cold salt water, using neat washing up liquid on any stubborn areas, and washing on cold with bio detergent. Never hot wash blood as it will set in place.

Standard pool hire is 37-43 weeks. If you are expecting a long pregnancy please let me know when you book so that I can schedule in a longer hire period.

If you are approaching 43 weeks and planning to keep waiting, please let me know you need an extension and I will do my best to accomodate you.

About 7-10 minutes with the provided electric inflation pump. You should start at the bottom and work up, and fill the rings until they are firm.

This depends on your water pressure, the way your water is heated (combi boilers that heat the water on the go take much less time than tanks which have to refill and reheat before they can be emptied again), and whether you have chosen the mini or regular pool size.

However, it is typically in the region of 45-95 minutes for mini pools, and 75-120 minutes for regular pools.

Do note that you do not have to wait until the pool is completely full to get in it - you can get in and continue filling it. This is especially true if you are using a mixer tap rather than separate hot and cold taps. However you would want the water to be high enough to cover your bump, otherwise you won't get any relief.

I don't carry additional supplies to sell to people, but you can order directly from BPIAB using this link which will give you 10% off their prices. It is an affiliate link so I am rewarded for you using it.