Postnatal doula: practical support in the early weeks

Feeling overwhelmed with all the extra responsibility...

Not sure how to balance your new baby with the needs of your older children...

Family don't live nearby, or you are not close with them...

Having twins or triplets and want all the help you can get...

Caz wearing a month old baby in a teal stretchy wrap.

A postpartum doula provides you with sensitive and compassionate support in your home during the early weeks and months. Feel nurtured as your nurture your baby, be confident in your decisions, and enjoy your early parenthood!

Sound good? Read on for more information or...

What's life like with a postpartum doula?

Well, each time that I support you will be different, although it will probably always start with a cuppa and a chat to see how you're doing.

But the kind of support I provide to each family will be different; for one person I might be giving intense breastfeeding support, for another I might be wearing the baby and making dinner while the older kids get bathed, and for a third I might spend an evening on the sofa cuddling the baby while their parents have a nap.

As your postpartum doula, some things that I could do that you might find useful include:

  • non-judgemental adult company
  • supporting breastfeeding (positioning, attachment, how breastfeeding works)
  • supporting mixed or formula feeding
  • facilitating accessing donor breastmilk
  • looking after your baby while you have a nap, have a bath/shower, or eat a meal
  • figuring out babywearing
  • cooking meals, batch cooking, prepping ingredients for future meals
  • washing up and light tidying/cleaning
  • assisting with older children within the house
  • accompanying you to medical appointments or support groups in the local area

Hold up, what's the difference between a postnatal doula and a postpartum doula?

Well the two terms are largely used interchangably, and I use both throughout my writing because in the UK people are more familiar with the term postnatal doula. However, postpartum doula is the more appropriate term, and that is because of the meanings of the words:


Natal is refers to the baby.
After they are born, the baby is
in their postnatal period.


Partum refers to the mother/birthing person. After they have given birth they are in the postpartum period.

Choose how you would like to pay

I charge an hourly rate plus mileage. However, I also offer the opportunity to book in blocks in order to save money.

Postnatal/postpartum doula services are available in: Bradford, West Leeds, Halifax, Dewsbury, Shipley and nearby areas. More details.

With block bookings you can also borrow items from my library.

Single session - £45

  • 2 hour session
  • Great for when you are not sure how much support you want and when
  • Great for when you want support on a specific issue
  • Book a single session, or a number of ad-hoc sessions whenever you feel like some extra support
  • Want a longer session? Choose 3 hours for £63!

10 hour bundle - £215

  • A block of 10 hours of postnatal support, paid in advance, saving you £10 overall
  • Makes a great baby gift!
  • The ten hours must be used within a month of making payment/baby's birth date (whichever is latest), but can be divided up however you wish
  • Minimum booking time: 2 hours
  • Block bookings are non-refundable, even if you don't use all the hours

20 hour bundle - £425*

  • A block of 20 hours of postnatal support, paid in advance, saving you £25 overall
  • Makes a great baby gift!
  • The twenty hours must be used within two months of making payment/baby's birth date (whichever is latest), but can be divided up however you wish
  • Minimum booking time: 2 hours
  • Block bookings are non-refundable, even if you don't use all the hours

*20 hour block available with the Živa Birth Package

The next steps...

When you contact me, let me know your EDD and location. Sometimes I am unavailable or the distance is prohibitive. Either way I will reply to you within three days.

We will arrange a mutually convenient time for me to visit you at your home to see whether or not we click, talk about what your support needs are and how we might work together, and iron out any potential difficulties. FAQ about overlapping clients.

If you decide you want to book, you will need to complete a booking form and send your first payment for me to mark a rough start date in my diary.

Frequently Asked Questions

In normal circumstances, yes, I will visit you in hospital, repeatedly if needs be, if you or your baby are required to stay in for an extended length of time.

In current circumstances, hospital Covid-19 restrictions means this is not possible.

No. Unfortunately, there is no facility for doulas to apply for a DBS check by themselves - it has to be done by a sponsoring company or employer.

I have been in the past, but not recently, and the certificates expire after three years.

A combined adult and pediatric first aid training course is on my CPD shopping list.

You can pay for each session individually, on the day they are booked, but it costs more to do so.

I cover areas within a 30-40 minute drive from my house which is in South Bradford.

This means I will travel as far as Keighley, Otley, Headingley, Central Leeds, Beeston, North and West Wakefield, Dewsbury, Batley, North Huddersfield, Elland, Halifax, Queensbury, Denholme, Cullingworth, and areas between.

If you are not sure if I cover your area, please get in touch.

I can support more than one family at once. I may have other postpartum work booked in, or I may have a birth client booked. If there is any overlap I will let you know when we meet and we will talk about how that may affect my supporting you. If I get called to a birth then that will take priority, but I will always keep in touch with updates.

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