Doulaing across the spectrum

If you're here, then you've likely heard of a birth doula and a postpartum doula. After all, doulas are most commonly known for working with parents during pregnancy, birth and the initial postnatal period.

But what on earth is a full-spectrum doula?

It's simpler than you think -  there are growing numbers of doulas who extend the type of care they provide to pregnant and postpartum mothers and fathers to a much wider range of situations. They are known as full-spectrum doulas because they support the full spectrum of reproductive and parenting scenarios.

What kinds of scenarios are included?

All kinds! There is much more to owning a uterus than getting pregnant and having babies, and my services reflect that.

If you are...

  • considering an abortion
  • having an early or late miscarriage
  • having IVF
  • struggling to conceive
  • not yet pregnant but planning to get pregnant soon and have had a previous traumatic birth and want to find out about your options
  • considering pregnancy with tokophobia (fear of childbirth)
  • getting sterilised
  • having a smear test after (any kind of) previous trauma
  • considering parenthood with a disability or neurodivergence

...then I can support you.

Remember, doula support is...


A sensitive and caring approach regardless of your circumstances

Client Led

Support is non-judgemental and guided by your specific needs


Your feelings and concerns will not be shared without your permission

How does it work?

It really depends on what you need support with.

Full-spectrum support is so varied, meaning my support must be adaptable so that it meshes with what you want.

Individual Sessions

An individual session would be appropriate for discussing options for terminating a pregnancy, attending a smear test appointment with you, or exploring what kind of control you would have over your birth if you have tokophobia/birth trauma.

Long Term Support

Ongoing support may be more appropriate if you are struggling to conceive, undergoing IVF, getting sterilised or would like support throughout a termination process, including attending hospital appointments and possibly spending time with you at your home.

Whatever the reason for our meeting(s), however long it lasts, my aim is that we conclude with you feeling supported and more aware of what might happen next. That way you can go forward feeling more in control and more confident.

Image of two women embracing.

How much does full-spectrum support cost?

Because of the sensitive and flexible nature of full-spectrum support, not all scenarios are able to be priced up in advance, and I provide some services for free (at my discretion). The best way to find out about cost is to get in touch and we can discuss what is the right level of payment.

As a guide, you can expect to pay around £20 per hour for support, plus any expenses where appropriate.