Elective Caesarean/Induction Support

For those wanting full antenatal and postnatal support and who are planning to give birth by elective caesarean section or scheduled induction.

During your pregnancy we will meet in person two or three times to debrief your previous births (if any), discuss your preferences for your upcoming birth, write your birth plan, talk about the postnatal period and discuss infant feeding methods. We remain in regular contact and if there are any developments during the pregnancy, or any issues come up which may have bearing on the birth, then we would discuss them together. If the need arises I can help you to communicate with your midwife and/or other care-givers to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decisions for you. I can act as your spokesperson if this is clearly outlined in your birth plan. 

Additional meetings, or support for you while you attend antenatal appointments or scans are arrangeable at additional cost.

If you are giving birth by caesarean section I will accompany you into hospital on the morning of your surgery, and stay with you until after you have moved onto the postnatal ward. I can accompany you into theatre if this has been previously arranged with the hospital staff; otherwise I will wait for you in Recovery.

If you are giving birth by elective induction I will keep in close touch with you via phone/message in the early part of the induction process. When you are in established labour/have your waters broken I will come to the hospital and stay with you until after your baby is born.

In the unlikely event of you being separated from your baby after birth, I may go with your newborn baby if you want me to and if I am satisfied that you feel emotionally safe. I would then do my utmost to bring her/him back to you as quickly as possible.

I will come to visit you at least once after the birth, sometimes twice, depending on what you want.

I am available for contact via email, text message or phone call, for two months after the birth. I also offer postnatal doula support to birth clients, which you may find particularly useful when you have given birth by caesarean.

Cost: £600* + expenses

What's Included?

  • 3 antenatal meetings and 1 postnatal meeting    OR    2 antenatal meetings and 2 postnatal meetings
  • attending up to 2 antenatal appintments/scans with you
  • use of all relevant resources in my library, including TENS machine and birth ball
  • pregnany/birth related telephone, text and email support, between 9am - 9pm
  • accompanying you to the hospital on the day of your surgery/once you are in established labour
  • an optional birth debrief meeting if required
  • up to two month's worth of telephone, text and email support after the birth, between 9am - 9pm

Optional Extras

  • Additional antenatal meetings, including me accompanying you to scans or hospital appointments, may be arranged for an additional cost of £50 + expenses per session.
  • Bellycasting Sessions are available with 10% off.
  • Postnatal doula support is available upon request for birth clients.

*Available Discounts

  • I offer 10% off my fees to home educating families, and families where one or both parents are self-employed.
  • If you are in financial difficulty, please get in touch, as I may be able to make arrangements for you to access doula care at a discounted rate.