Doula Services

I offer a range of support options, to fit all circumstances.

I am independent and self-employed. I work for you, not your caregiver or hospital. I do not undertake any clinical or medical practices such as examinations. I do not give advice and I cannot make decisions for you. I can only make suggestions for planning and preparing for the birth of your baby. I can provide evidence-based information or help you to find out about local policies, but will be at all times guided by your choices.

Birth Doula Services

Birth Doula services are available for all types of births. Whether you are giving birth by elective caesarean or at home in a birth pool, want lots of support or very little, there is a package to suit you. Single appointments are also available for support on specific issues.

Standard Birth Support

  • For births taking place at home, a birth centre or hospital
  • Will wait for labour to start
  • Includes: antenatal and postnatal meetings, support during labour and birth, loaned resources and equipment
  • Most families choose this

Elective CS/Induction Support

  • For those choosing to give birth by elective induction or caesarean
  • Includes: antenatal and postnatal meetings, support in labour/during surgery, loaned resources and equipment

Other Birth Support Options

  • Antenatal support only (no support during labour and birth)
  • Birth only support (no antenatal or postnatal meetings)
  • One off appointments to discuss specific perinatal issues

Other Doula Services

There are many scenarios which may lead to you needing more support. Whether you are considering a termination, using a surrogate, or have had an unplanned caesarean and want some support during the postnatal period, Starfish Doula can help.

Full-Spectrum Services

Full-Spectrum services are available for those who are making decisions about continuing their pregnancy, facing long term fertility struggles, becoming parents through surrogacy or adopting.

Postnatal Doula Support Packages

Postnatal support is short term doula support provided in the home in the postnatal period. I currently only offer postnatal support to clients who have booked birth services.

Fee Structure

Due to the flexible nature of the support provided by Starfish Doula, the fees vary along a broad spectrum. There are a range of packages available which suit most budgets. In the event that you are in dire financial circumstances but in need of support, it is possible to arrange subsidised support.

I offer several plans for paying the fees, including a monthly payment plan. I am happy to arrange skill swaps or swaps for other items, and I also accept payments from friends and family members towards the total cost. The gift of doula support is a great baby gift!

I charge mileage and other expenses where appropriate. I try to keep these to a minimum and they will always be outlined in advance. Expenses are invoiced at the postnatal meeting, or with the cost of the session for one-off/postnatal/full spectrum sessions.

Don't see what you want? Contact me for a personalised package and quote!