Birth Pools

Why use water?

There are several reasons why someone might choose to use water during their labour or birth. For example, as a method of maintaining control over their body and birth space, for pain-relief, for physical support, or because they believe it is a gentler entrance into the world for their baby. Whatever the reason, hiring a birth pool is a great option when you are planning your birth.

Birth pool hire is free for birth doula clients!

Water in labour

Using water during your labour has a number of benefits:

  1. You can move around easier. If you've ever been swimming during pregnancy you know how nice it is to feel less heavy and more free to move. It also supports your back and pelvis.
  2. The pool provides a safe bubble around you. This helps your adrenaline levels to reduce and your oxytocin levels to rise, making your labour more effective.
  3. Water relaxes and relieves pain. Water is almost as effective as an epidural, with none of the side effects.


Pools Available for Hire

Starfish Doula's birth pools are professional quality pools from Birth Pool in a Box, and come with everything you need for a fabulous water birth.

Regular Pool

  • For those who are very tall
  • For those whose partners wish to join them in the pool
  • For those who want plenty of space to move around in

Mini Pool

  • For those who are short
  • For those who have limited space in their home
  • For those who have limited hot water