Birth Doula Services

The Support I Offer

I offer a range of support options, to fit all types of births. Whether you are giving birth by elective caesarean, planning a home water birth, or would only like support before and after your birth with no birth attendance, I am sure to have an option that will suit you. If not, please feel free to contact me to discuss a personalised package and quote.

I am independent and self-employed. I work for you, not your caregiver or hospital. I do not undertake any clinical or medical practices such as examinations. I do not give advice and I cannot make decisions for you. I can only make suggestions for planning and preparing for the birth of your baby. I can provide evidence-based information or help you to find out about local policies, but will be at all times guided by your choices.

During your pregnancy we will meet/talk two or three times to debrief your previous births (if any), discuss your preferences for your upcoming birth, write your birth plan, talk about the postnatal period and discuss infant feeding methods. We would remain in regular contact and if there are any developments during the pregnancy, or any issues come up which may have bearing on the birth, then we would discuss them together. Additional meetings, or support for you while you attend antenatal appointments or scans are arrangeable at additional cost.

I typically go on-call at 38 weeks gestation. However, I can go on call earlier or later if your history leads us to believe this would be a good idea, and of course, if you are planning an elective induction or caesarean then going on-call would not be necessary. Sometimes, clients may choose to not have me present at their birth, or I may be providing support over a long distance which rules out my attending the birth.

Unless we have agreed otherwise, when you go into labour, I will come out to you when you call me, and remain with you throughout your labour, birth and initial bonding (except for circumstances out of my realm of influence). If you transfer from home to hospital, or within the hospital, I will do my very best to stay with you. If the need arises I can help you to communicate with your midwife and/or other care-givers to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decisions for you. I can act as your spokesperson if this is clearly outlined in your birth plan. In the unlikely event of you being separated from your baby after birth, I may go with your newborn baby if you want me to and if I am satisfied that you feel emotionally safe. I would then do my utmost to bring her/him back to you as quickly as possible.

I typically meet up with you at least once after the birth, sometimes twice, depending on what you want. I can also skip this postnatal meeting if you prefer. Regardless, I am available for contact via email, text message or phone call, for two months after the birth.

Get in touch to discuss how I can support your birth!

Tailored Support Packages

Standard Birth Support

  • For births taking place at home, a birth centre or hospital
  • Includes: all antenatal support, support in labour, postnatal visit
  • Most families choose this option

Elective Caesarean Support

  • For births taking place by elective caesarean section
  • Includes: all antenatal support, support before, during and after surgery, a postnatal visit

Elective Induction Support

  • For births taking place by elective induction
  • Includes: all antenatal support, support in labour, a postnatal visit

Birth Only Support

  • For those wanting support during their birth only
  • Includes: support during labour/surgery but minimal antenatal & postnatal support

Antenatal Only Support

  • For those wanting support during and after their pregnancy, but not during birth
  • This is also available over large distances via video calls

One-Off Appointments

  • For those wanting to explore their birth options without engaging ongoing support
  • Upgrading is available afterwards

Fee Structure

Due to the flexible nature of my services, the fees I charge vary according to what support you need.

I offer several options for paying your fees, including long term payment plans.

I am happy to arrange skill swapping or swaps for other items, and I also accept payments from friends or family members towards the total cost.

I charge mileage and other expenses where appropriate, and these will always be outlined in advance. Expenses invoices are provided at the postnatal meeting.