My availability is very much dependent upon the mode of birth in question, and whether or not it requires me to go on-call.

I try my best to only be on-call for one client at once.

I can sometimes take on additional clients that overlap with clients that are already booked in. If you are in desperate need of support, and you cannot find/do not want someone else to support you, please get in touch anyway as it may be possible to arrange shared care with another doula, or to have a back-up doula cover overlapping days.

Birth Availability Calendar

Please check the calendar below for a rough guide to when I am available. I try to keep this up to date as best as I can.

  • If you are planning to wait for labour to begin spontaneously, you will need 2 clear weeks before your EDD and 2 clear weeks after it
  • If you are planning an elective caesarean, you will only need the date of your surgery to be clear
  • If you are planning an elective induction, you will need 1-4 clear days around your scheduled induction date

Availability last updated on Wednesday 17th April 2019

Availability for other services

Bellycasting - I can usually fit in 2 or 3 bellycasts a month

Antenatal only/distance support - this does not involve going on-call so is almost always available, barring illnesses or holidays

One-off appointments - always available