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I take on birth clients up to around an hour's drive from my home address; that means most of West Yorkshire, and into some of the surrounding counties.

However, I am flexible and I have worked further afield in the past. If you feel I am the right doula for you, and I feel that you are the right clients, then we can usually make it work.


Postnatal support is available to birth clients within approximately half an hour's drive.

Full Spectrum

Bradford only.



I try to only be on-call for one birth client at once. However, I can take on additional clients that overlap with clients that are already booked in.

If you are in need of support, and you think I may already be booked, please get in touch anyway as it may be possible to arrange shared care with another doula, or to have a back-up doula cover any overlapping days.


I only offer postnatal support to birth clients. This support usually follows directly on from your birth, or it may start later, for example: if you temporarily have family support.

If I am working postnatally for you I may also be on-call for someone else's birth. I can also support more than one client postnatally at the same time. For that reason, I do not currently maintain a postnatal availability calendar.

A diary is open with a month viewable across a two page spread. One date is circled with the words "Go on call!" and a smiley face.

My birth availability is very much dependent upon the mode of birth in question, and whether or not it requires me to go on-call:

  • If you are planning to wait for labour to begin spontaneously, you will need 2 clear weeks before your EDD and 2+ clear weeks after it
  • If you are planning an elective caesarean, you will only need the date of your surgery to be clear
  • If you are planning an elective induction, you will need 1-4 clear days around your scheduled induction date

Availability last updated on Monday 7th October 2019

Availability for other services

Bellycasting - I can usually fit in 2 or 3 bellycasts a month

Antenatal only - this does not involve going on-call so is almost always available, barring illnesses or holidays

One-off appointments - always available