Area & Availability

I am quite flexible with reagrds to the areas that I work and the dates that I will support. I have travelled as far as Hull and Derby to support births - in my experience, if we feel that we are right for each other we can usually make it work. It also depends on what service it is as to how far I will travel, and, in the case of birth doula support, what kind of birth you are planning. Please check the sections below for each services I offer - this serves as a guide but please contact me to discuss your specific circumstances so that we can work out if I can support you.

Availability last updated on Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Antenatal Doula Support

Availability: Always available. Please note that if you decide part way through your pregnancy that you would like to switch to full Birth Doula Support, it will depend on my other bookings as to whether or not I can accomodate you. Alternatively, we can switch to an "if I can make it I will" style arrangement.

Area: Within West Yorkshire.

Birth Doula Support

Availability: My availability depends on my home/family circumstances and on the kind of birth you are planning. If you are in need of support, and you think I may already be booked, please get in touch anyway. I can and do take on clients that overlap with each other, if the circumstances are right, usually with a back up doula covering any overlapping days. Alternatively, it may be possible to arrange shared care with another doula.

2020 dates

January - available for elective caesareans
February - booked
March - booked
April - available
May - available
June - available
July - booked
August - available
September - available

Future dates

These will be released as they become available.

A diary with a date circled saying, "go on call!"

Area: All of West Yorkshire and into surrounding counties (South Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire). 

Postnatal Doula Support

Availability: Postnatal support usually follows directly on from your birth, or it may start later, for example: if you have temporary family support. If I am working postnatally for you I may also be on-call for someone else's birth. I can also support more than one client postnatally at the same time. For that reason, I do not currently maintain a postnatal availability calendar.

Area: Within West Yorkshire.

Full-Spectrum Doula Support

Availability: Always available.

Area: Bradford, West Leeds and Halifax only.

Mother Blessings

Availability: One booking per month.

Area: West Yorkshire, unless you are a Birth Doula client.


Availability: Two bellycasts per month. This allows me plenty of time to finish and paint your cast.

Area: Bradford, West Leeds and Halifax, unless you are a Birth Doula client, or have a bellycast booked as part of your Mother Blessing.

Birth Pool & TENS Hire

Availability: I currently have 2 birth pools available for hire. Standard hire period is 6 weeks (37-43w gestation), and the pools are checked and cleaned between each hire. Please contact me to see whether I have a pool available.

Area: Bradford and Halifax. If you live in Leeds, see below.

Note: Leeds Community Pool Scheme loans out birth pools and covers all of Leeds as well as some of Wakefield. If you cannot get a pool from there, please get in touch to see if I can help.

Closing The Bones

Availability: Several slots available each week - please contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Area: Bradford, West Leeds and Halifax, unless you have Closing The Bones booked as part of a Birth or Postnatal Doula Package.