About Full-Spectrum Doulas

What's a full-spectrum doula?

Doulas are most commonly known for working with parents during pregnancy, birth and the initial postnatal period. However, there is a growing group of doulas who are working extend this model of care to a much wider range of situations - they are known as full-spectrum doulas because they support the full spectrum of reproductive and parenting scenarios.

I consider myself to be a full-spectrum doula and have offered full-spectrum services for several years now.

I believe people to be intelligent autonomous individuals who are capable of making good choices about their own care based on their specific circumstances, and I support everyone in the process of making the right decision for them, regardless of what that is. No judgement.

So what does that mean then?

In practical terms, this means that the range of experiences I support parents with also includes (but is not limited to):

  • fertility concerns
  • IVF
  • surrogacy
  • adoption
  • abortion
  • miscarriage
  • stillbirth

I provide emotional, practical and informational support for anybody going through one of these scenarios, using the same skill set of compassion, listening, holding space, and signposting.

How does that work?

The kind of support provided by a doula is very flexible. It is tailored specifically to meet your needs, whether they be small or large. You can see more details about the range of full-spectrum support I offer on my Full-Spectrum Support page.